Working (and testing) remote code from local


I'm developing scripts that are stored and running on a remote server that I have access to. I installed Pycharm on my local machine and I would like to do everything (code and test) on the remote server from local Pycharm. At some point it kind of worked but I changed stuff in the interpreter and deployment and now I have the error message "Can't get remote credentials for deployment  server".

Anyway, reading the documentation, it looks like I'm not doing something conventional. From what I understand, I should have synchronised local and remote copies of the project folder but I don't understand why. I don't need the local copy, I just want to use the remote server environment and take advantage of Pycharm that I can't have installed on the server. Is it bad practice?



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There two approaches how to handle the remote server code deployment : 


1. Remote interpreter:

which requires a local copy of the project, as it is assumed that development is done on you local computer and then code is deployed to remote. 


2. Remote development

local copy of the project is not required in this case,  see how it is implemented


Let me know if you have any additional  questions. 




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