Custom clangd in CLion




I'm working on some custom language extensions for C++ implemented in clang. I'm at the stage now where I'd like to get them to work within editors. I've had success with language-server style approaches (i.e. plugins for sublime/vscode implemented from the system's clangd or libclang), but CLion doesn't seem to allow for a customized clangd path. I presume this means that CLion's clangd is customized in someway.


1. Will it ever be possible to specify a custom clangd?

2. How important are JetBrain's customizations to clangd for integration with CLion? I.e., if i swap out the underlying clangd, might that be expected to work somewhat?


I've seen this post: unfortunately this is more aimed at non-standard architectures (and the solution was to use qemu to bridge the gap).





  1. We don't plan to implement such feature in CLion. It might be implemented in Fleet, but I can't promise that for sure at this stage of Fleet development.
  2. Very important. Almost all the main functions are customized.

Thanks for the response. It's a shame, but I expected as much.

I was unaware of Fleet up until now. Presuming this is an "answer" to the new-wave semi-IDEs, I don't expect it'll be too different to current language server based integrations, but time will tell. I only hope Fleet isn't using electron :)



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