Looking to get some general pointers before I set up to hack on IntelliJ.


I'm considering trying to add a couple of simple things to ideaj.  It has some slightly annoying habits:  For example, if I have the same program running on 4 different phones under the debugger, the debugger tabs tell me what program is running, and not which phone that tab is looking at.

A similar issue is that there is no sync between which tab I'm looking at and what gets killed and restarted when I go to 'run/debug' again.  I realize nobody ever promised there *would* be a connection there, but it confuses me, and I'm consistently killing the program on the phone that I'm not paying any attention to, instead of the one that needs killed.

So I grabbed the source and built it, which was an absolute joy compared to most of the big projects I've worked on.  It was pretty damn fast, and everything worked.  At least at build time.

But now I'm running into an issue:


FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

* What went wrong:
Task 'setupAndroidPluginRuntimeForIdea' not found in root project 'dependencies'.

* Try:"

Does anybody know what this is about?  I find gradle painfully opaque, and have no intuition for what it wants from me, most of the time.


Please double-check your checkout. instructions from README

IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition requires additional Android modules from separate Git repositories. To clone these repositories,
run one of the `getPlugins` scripts located in the `<IDEA_HOME>` directory. These scripts clone their respective *master* branches.
* `getPlugins.sh` for Linux or macOS.
* `getPlugins.bat` for Windows.

_**Note:**_ Always `git checkout` the `intellij-community` and `android` Git repositories to the same branches/tags.

I did run getPlugins.sh, and it seemed to be satisfied.

It it generally best to check out the master branch?  Or is that one usually in a state of flux?



Depends on what you want to target/build against. Usually, master is in a workable state.


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