Using Snowflake, get "Authentication token has expired. The user must authenticate again." after idle time


I understand that Snowflake times out sessions after 4 hours; this isn't DataGrip's fault.  But when sessions time out, it should be easy to reconnect.  It seems from issue DBE-12185 that JetBrains doesn't intend to do it automatically. 

Until now I have used a "Disconnect" option on the menus to force DataGrip to reconnect, so even it it wasn't automatic it was at least pretty easy.  In the latest build, that option seems to be gone.  The only option I'm aware of now is to close and restart DataGrip, which is pretty heavy-handed.

What do other Snowflake users do to get going again after a timeout?

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Does "Force refresh" work? 

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Sadly, that does not work.  That causes a metadata refresh but it must use a different connection.  The session (and connection) for the query window is still timed out.

[Sorry for the slow response; I had some other issues arise that demanded attention.]


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