Automatically open Jetbrains Gateway and connect to tcp:// link to connect to remote server.

I'm trying to automate connecting to a remote instance of IDEA. Due to our SSH setup I would like to create an SSH tunnel outside Jetbrains Gateway. This is kind of minor, but is there a way to have Jetbrains Gateway open the tcp link and start the connection automatically, rather than having the user copy and paste it into Gateway?

In general is it possible to get the query string parameters to Jetbrains Gateway urls documented somewhere? This would be very helpful for  building integrations like this.

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When you run

bin/ run <path/to/proj> --ssh-link-host <host> --ssh-link-user <user> --ssh-link-port <port>

manually, it generates several links.

You need the "https" one that looks like etc.

Being copied and opened in the browser on the user's machine, it launches Gateway with pre-filled connection parameters of host-user-port on the user's machine. It's still required for a user to click "Connect" explicitly (security precautions). 


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