pycharm takes FOREVER to create a simple pandas df.

I'm trying to create an empty dataframe of size 2000.
I'm using this command:
stm_df = pd.DataFrame(columns=pulse_names, index=indexes)
(indexes is a np.ndarray of np.float64, of length 1999 to be exact) When i run in in CLI it runs a fraction of a second.
But when i run it inside Pycharm OR Wing IDE (in debug mode OR run mode) it takes 4.5 (!!!) seconds to create.
Further more, in Wing, if i change prefrences-->Debugger I/O and check the "Use external console" it also works fine.
How? why? thx.
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Please check the interpreter used to run the file in your run/debug configuration, then try running the file from the terminal using the same interpreter. Does it run faster? 

Also, do you have "Run with python console" option enabled in the run configuration, and if so, does it help to disable it?

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I’m using interpreter 2.7.13 in both cases

I tried to run the code woth and without python console with same result.

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Is it possible to provide a code sample to reproduce the issue?


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