Is Intellij IDEA Community OK for learning Spring development?


I'm planning to "dive into Spring" and I've been using Intellij IDEA Community edition for non-web development mostly. But I found that this edition does not support web development (Spring framework in particular) and it's needed to pay for Ultimate in order to develop Spring apps. But what to choose if I don't have money for it now - keep using Intellij IDEA Community or switch to Eclipse or NetBeans?

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IntelliJ IDEA Community doesn't provide Spring Boot support.

You can still use it for Spring Boot applications, but many features will not work and you will have to deploy/run your code using Maven or Gradle.

You can run them using the Application run/debug configuration or via Maven/Gradle (like you would do in the command line, outside of any IDE)

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Thank you for the explanation. It is clear for me. Exactly what I needed! You just saved me several hours. Thanks!


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