Micropython not flashing to Pico

Hey all, So I am just starting to learn micropython and while working on just getting the led on my Pico to blink, the code is either not exporting or is getting blocked from actually running on the device. The code itself works, I was able to get it to flash using Thonny, but when I try on pycharm it looks as if it processed or I get a cannot access port error. I have updated my IDE and wiped and reinstalled micropython on the Pico itself. Is this a setting issue with my IDE or am I missing a step?
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If you think this is a problem with MicroPython plugin, please submit an issue to https://github.com/vlasovskikh/intellij-micropython/issues with some screenshots showing your configuration, and `idea.log` file from **Help | Show log in...** collected after reproducing the issue.


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