I have Android Studio. Do I have to download IntelliJ IDEA separately?


I know what you're thinking: "NO!??" Please let me explain my question.

Last week, I downloaded Android Studio on a whim, which led me into studying Kotlin, during the course of which I came across IntelliJ IDEA as its own standalone application apart from Android Studio (which as far as I can tell was originally / is still a plugin?). I don't see a way to create a new Kotlin project in Android Studio without all the Android trimmings, as evidently you can in IntelliJ IDEA; and I didn't see a plugin in Android Studio that seemed to provide that functionality. However, I thought Android Studio was built on top of IntelliJ IDEA and installing both of these large applications seems a bit cumbersome, to be honest. Monkey Cool

So, having already downloaded and installed Android Studio, must I now also download and install Intellij IDEA in order to get away from the Android part (so that I can focus on just learning Kotlin for now)? Or is there a way to get a Kotlin-only project going in Android Studio?

Thanks for enduring my woefully inadequate question and overwrought explanation thereof?


Unfortunately, Android Studio does not support plain Java or Kotlin projects. You can only work on Android projects there (Gradle based).

So the answer to your question (which is perfectly valid and normal by the way) is yes, you need to install IntelliJ IDEA Community or Ultimate in order to get away from the Android part.


     Thank you for the explanation. It is clear for me    


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