How to use environment variables set up in run config, inside the run time parameters?

I am setting up environment variables in pycharms run configuration, but they do not resolve if I try to use them inside the parameters section. This doesn't make sense? Am I doing something wrong? 
I've tried

  • --example $HELLO_WORLD$
  • --example ${HELLO_WORLD}
  • --example $HELLO_WORLD


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To add some detail and expected behavior:

Then within environment variables I would have HELLO_WORLD declared as seen above.... But in the run time stdout, I can see that an example program ran would have the following stdout

stdout> --example ${HELLO_WORLD}

So the environment variable is not resolving/replacing, and it would lead me to believe the text inside paremeters is just a raw string and cannot accept environment variables?

That cannot be the case??????


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