Jetbrains gateway on Android?


I'd like to know if Jetbrains has plans to deploy the new Gateway service on Android and/or IPadOS.

That would be the perfect use case. Hopefully this time they didn't pick Java/JRE to develop Gateway otherwise we'll never have it on tablets :(


Do you mean the Gateway itself which provides connection settings/management to the remote servers or using these OSes as a backend for remote IDE? 


The gateway client, the backend would still run on a regular linux/windows server


Thanks for reaching out! Could you tell us a bit more about your use case?

JetBrains Client is in fact JVM based, so unfortunately this isn't something we can deliver soon.


My use case is that sometimes when I'm in a hurry I just take my Android tablet with a detacheable keyboard with me and go for the day with it. I know the tablet has plenty of battery for the day and 4G connectivity so I can use it in the middle of a park for instance. The only thing that lacks is the proper tools to do my work, in that case, the Jetbrains IDE suite. Jetbrains Gateway would have been the perfect tool since I could have my work env in the cloud that is shared between my main computer and my tablet, but I can't run it on either Android or IPadOS so that's a bummer. IPad with M1 chips has plenty of processing power but with Jetbrais gateway my hope was that it would work everywhere, even on Android tablets with a less powerful SOC like Samsung galaxy tabs.


I also often need a remote development capabilities on the iPad while on the roads.


That feature would be so great, literaly meaning having access to our dev environment remotely using the JB Gateway on Android, definitely something i could pay for it.


Same here, I will end up buying a MacBook Air instead of an Android tablet JUST BECAUSE this feature is not available on Android.


An IPad pro or Galaxy S7 ultra would have been the perfect fit for me, but not at the cost of not being able to use Pycharm on them.


I would also love to see this feature.

I could go out and write code wherever i want! My S8 Ultra has enough power to run such small applications like gateway ...

Another solution would be to host the ide on a server and access it via the browser (like vscode!!!)

would be awesome if i could use jetbrain tools on the go.

@jetbrains - pleaaassseee provide us a solution - i dont want to use vscode. 😝


I was agree with folks above. This is perfect for me - use Android tablet for work with my development environments. Only for this I connect to work around JetBrains Projector, but unfortunately this project was closed :(

Jetbrains it was awesome if you provide such capabilities!


I have the same exact wish. With my Tab S8 Ultra as well I am using Github codespaces to get my work done with visual studio code. I would say that having an android Jetbrains Gateway client or a version that runs on IPads would make it way more simpler since my work is already running in the cloud and I just need to use my tab to continue development.


Seems like Gateway almost works on android (proot debian in my case), but a minor URL bug stops it right before starting. Ive created an issue about it, please vote it up.

You dont need to recompile the file watcher like in case when you run Idea on your android device. This works fine for me, as long as your software doesnt require x86 docker (which you can still tunnel from an x86 server).

Id love to see some speed up in Remote Development, after years of using code-server I think this is the best way to work, as you can easily switch workstations.


`Jetbrain Gateway` actually works for build Android Project by selecting the latest IntelliJ IDE.  However, the only challenge is how to connect your physical phone from a remote host. To solve this problem, you can use an SSH tunnel to connect your local computer's adb port to the remote host's adb port. Here are the steps:

1. Open your project in your remote host in your Jetbrain Gateway. Open Settings -> Build, Execution, Deployment -> Debugger(Host) -> Android Debug Bridge(slide to the bottom of the page). Choose a port, ie 5040, in 'Use  existing manually managed  server'. Remember to click Apply or Ok.

2. In the terminal of your remote host:

    close adb server: 

    adb kill-server

    open adb server on port 5040

    adb -a -P 5040 start-server

3. In your local computer, assume your remote host name is 'remotehost', run this command in your shell:

    ssh -R 5040:localhost:5035 remotehost

Then it would login into your remote host and a tunnel was built from your local 5035 to remote port 5040, now you can see your device from remote host by typing:

    adb -P 5040 devices

Comment below if you have any questions. Thank you.


Hello Chewenkaich

Thanks for the review but, the idea here was not to use Jetbrain Gateway to build Android project, but to use the gateway from an Android device. 

By example, allowing you to code your C# project from your Android Tablet using Jetbrain Gateway.

I hope it became more clear,

Have a nice day 


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