Intellij Idea run on encrypted project


Is it possible to load a project that all files in the project are encrypted? for simplicity of the conversation assume that  all files in the project that I get are based64 encoded 

I wrote a simple plugin that subtribe to file open event which decrypt the file to a readable format when I open a file on the Intellij, in that way I can can edit the specific opened file and when I close the file, the plugin encrypts the file back to base64 format, one of the problems in that approach is that IntelliJ marks all files as errors and is not able to reference the classes, any idea if it's possible to do what I'm trying to make and how to solve the problem? 

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From a technical POV, it _could_ be theoretically possible to swap out Local Filesystem implementation against one that uses "encryption" transparently, but there are many places/plugins which still use old FileIO Api. The better strategy to use encryption for project sources in general would be to use tools provided on OS level anyway (including but not limited to have much better performance).


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