Cannot find any CMake profile

I am using  CLion 2022.1 ( Build #CL-221.5080.224, built on April 13, 2022) for a C++ project. Local environment is Windows 11,  and remote host is Linux. 

I created a new Remote Development session. The deployment path is something like /${HOME}}/build_directoy/${project_name}. After it is setup, I initiated the upload from my load to remote. Once it is done, the remote path has CMakeLists.txt and cmake-build-debug in it. However, when I click "Build Project" under "Build", I got "Cannot find any CMake profile". 

One thing I want to mention is under the remote path's cmake-build-debug directory, a few files' timestamp are earlier than ( by a few hours) the remote path's creation time. They are CMakeCache.txt, cmake_install.cmake, CTestTestfile.cmake, Makefile, ${myapp}.cbp. Was it caused by the "sync"? Another clue is I was able to do remote build (from within Clion on Windows) with the remote path is directly under /tmp/0TWtN2g7U2 yesterday (it seems like CLion geneated the remote path under /tmp. Maybe certain cache within CLion get currupted? 

I noticed there are a couple of complaints about "Cannot find any CMake profile" as it perhaps covers multiple scenarios.  

Can someone from CLion support respond to it ASAP?


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Is the issue still relevant? Do you mean the remote mode with the thin client (Gateway, or the remote mode with the "Remote Host" toolchain (


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