Show both 'console' and 'output' windows when debugging using command line

I'm testing a script from the command line (in this case it's Drupal with some Laravel components, e.g. Collections).

I've set the environment variable to make sure breakpoints work.

When interactively debugging, I'm finding the output of some commands - e.g. count($foo); - is shown in the Console (desirable because you don't have to look elsewhere) and other things - e.g. a method that returns an array - $foo->bar() - end up in the Output tab - this is undesirable, especially as the Console simultaneously prints "null", even though there's valid output in the other window.

- is there a way to get both the Console and the Output tabs on screen at the same time? (I can't see how)

- should I be able to get more output than I currently am in the Console?


Please check the screenshot below, does it look like what are you looking for?


Hello. Mine looks like this (having used 'Restore Default Layout') - so I can only select one of Debugger, Console or Output at a time:

And here's an example of the split output:


It is not obvious but you may use drag'n'drop to drag "Output" and "Console" to a different section, for example, the one with "Watches" that should be enabled first:

Some animation for a better illustration:


Thanks for this, I was able to get it working.

Can you think of any reason a method in my code that returns an array, for example, won't show inline in the console, only the output tab?


Sorry, missed your comment.

Please check the following ticket:

Does it look like your scenario?


Yes, thanks - following that issue now.


It seems to not work when in “Window” view mode, I had to change it back to “Dock pinned” mode before I could drag and drop the console window


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