Failed to get reply to handshake packet when debugging C++


I sometimes get this error when I want to debug C++

following is my CLion info and debug configuration

and the toolchain is


My Mac info is 



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The error seems to be reported by LLDB -

Also why do you specify the custom executable in your run/debug configuration? Isn't the necessary executable available in the drop-down (as in the screenshot here)?

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It seems not the same problem as described in stackoverflow. What I am debugging is local mode clickhouse, it's a heavy C++ program running on my macOS.


And I like to build the program manually by CMake commands, and the custom executable I specified in configuration is built by CMake command manually, and I think there is not any difference between the target built by CLion and my executable, especially in the debug situation.


By the way, this error only happen sometimes, not always.

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I'm afraid we need the log in order to investigate the issue.

Please enable debugger logging as described here, wait till the issue happens next time, and after that send the idea.log file (`Help | Show Log in ...`) to clion-support at Do not forget to disable debug logging after that. Note that logs might contain private user's information (like file paths and names). 


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