phpstorm & git windows

Since an unsuccessful cherry-pick (from another developer) I have the effect that in my phpStorm under local changes the file from the cherry-pick is displayed in all branches, although it does not exist there. For this, currently changed files are not recorded and therefore I can not execute a commit from phpStorm. In command mode (MINGW64 ) everything is ok. Git status shows no errors (" branch is up to date"). Commit works there too. Restarting phpStorm or Windows/Laptop did not bring any change.

i invalidate all chaches too, but it helped neither. any suggestions?

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Could you please clarify the scenario a bit?

You have run a cherry-pick locally, and it failed, right? So the cherry-pick has not been committed?

And the file is now listed as Modified in the Local Changes, even though it is not committed to git?

Could you please share a screenshot?


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