Placing a Got It notificiation on existing component



I have added a custom terminal provider in my plugin. I would like to place a Got It notification on the marked (see screenshot) UI element to notify users about the availability of the new terminal.

I have already placed Got It notifications on custom elements in the status bar that are placed by my plugin. Is it possible to place such a notification also on an existing ui element outside the scope of the plugin? How can I access its JComponent and is there a listener to place the notification when the terminal window is opend?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Nico,

Attaching Got It tooltip to this button is a matter of accessing the component, so you have to check if it is somehow accessible from the Terminal Tool Window classes. If it is not accessible I suggest using an alternative solution, e.g., notifications. Also, see for more information about Got It tooltips and alternatives.

Regarding the listener, see com.intellij.openapi.wm.ex.ToolWindowManagerListener.toolWindowShown() methods.


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