Programs cannot get environment variables from wsl


I'm using Xming to get GTK gui and have to set env var "DISPLAY" in WSL.

However, Clion use "wsl --exec /bin/bash -c" to run compiled programs and this shell cannot get "DISPLAY".

I have tryed to set this env var in etc/environment, in bashrc(before "case $-"). But all failed.

Terminal of clion could run my program and read value of DISPLAY. Now I have to build by ctrl+f9 and run in terminal.


When I run "wsl --exec /bin/bash -c env" in windows terminal, I noticed that there is no DISPLAY and this shell have a shlvl as 0.

BTW, run "bash -c env" in WSL will list DISPLAY as a env var, which confused me. Maybe this issue should be report to microsoft, not jetbrain?

Any help is appreciated.



Please once again try to set the variable in .bashrc, and in CLion go to `File | Settings | Advanced Settings` and enable the "Execute commands in login (-l) shell" option (see this comment). Does it help?


Thanks! This works perfectly!


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