Imports aren't found when opening individual projects in a monorepo setup with a single go.mod file at the repo root


I have a GitHub Monorepo with three Go projects so far with more on the way. I've correctly configured the Monorepo with the `go.mod` and `go.sum` files at the root under `/repo/src` and `go build` works great on all of the individual projects. I can open the `repo/src` folder in GoLand as well and everything works great. But when I open the individual projects `/repo/src/project` - GoLand isn't finding the imports. I've verified that go modules are enabled for the individual projects settings and it doesn't help.

I've uploaded a gif to help demonstrate: Upload id: 2022_05_20_6QmG32RE57BW3Qse (file: go_modules_monorepo_issue.gif)

Any help here would be great!


There is no way to use this workflow and GoLand is not able to detect that go.mod file at the top of opened proejct.

Please follow GO-9458 to support specifying the project's go.mod file.

As alternative, you can try out Go Workspaces that is introduced in 1.18 version of Go (


So this is purely a limitation on the GoLand side for now? Because the go compiler doesn't seem to have an issue with it.


Yes, it is a limitation in GoLand.


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