How to make JetBrains IDEs more minimal?


I'm switching over from VSCode and how exactly could I make JetBrains IDEs more "minimal"? Like there's just.. way too stuff :P

I mostly wanted just an editor, file tree and an LSP. Which well, mostly sounds like JetBrains Fleet, but I wasn't able to get access to it.

Is there anyway to strip them down?

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You can try switching to Distraction-free or Zen modes:

In 2022.2+ versions IDE interface will be changed to a more minimalistic and simple. You can try it already by joining an early access program. Please see

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Thanks Andrey Dernov!

I've applied for the new UI preview using my email --

The screenshot looks amazing, I will try using the distraction free mode till then.

Regards, Yush.


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