Can't get past splash screen on latest Idea EAP


Hi, I upgraded my IDEA EAP installation from 2022.1.221.5787.3 to 222.2270.31 last week and since then haven't been able to get past the splash screen, it loads up and nothing else happens. There are no errors when running from the console (./ or in the IDE log file (~/.cache/JetBrains/IdeaIC2022.2/log/). I'm running it on Manjaro Linux (x64).

I install and keep the IDE up to date by installing it from the community AUR (Arch) intellij-idea-ce-eap package. The package I upgraded to last week is the same that is availabye in the EAP Community download page, (I downloaded it and ran it separately with the same result).

Are there any diagnostics I can turn on either by command-line flags or configuration files? Thanks!


Hi there,

First, try following the steps from this troubleshooting guide. It will have you delete some IDE directories in order to restore program integrity (you can just rename them if you want to keep their contents).

If it doesn't help, try collecting thread dump using jstack, and attach them here.


I followed the steps in the troubleshooting guide. Deleting the directories under ~/.cache/Jetbrains and ~/.config/Jetbrains didn't help. By trial and error I narrowed down the problem to the Material UI plugin; after removing just that one from the plugins under ~/.local/share/Jetbrains/IdeaIC2022.2, the IDE started up like usual. I could download and use the plugin afterwards; it remains a mistery why it wasn't working before.

Thanks for the pointer, Arina!


Happy to helpπŸ‘πŸ»


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