Gradle Intellij Plugin | RunIdePerformanceTest - How does it work exactly?



I see with later versions of the gradle-intellij-plugin that there is a new task runIdePerformanceTest.

I've setup the task as follows and the task completes, but I don't see the IDE start up.

runIdePerformanceTest {
artifactsDir.set("/Applications/IntelliJ IDEA")

Presumably this is because I haven't added any "test projects or '.ijperf" files." as specified in the documentation (

Running performance test DSL

RunIdePerformanceTest task extends RunIdeBase task, all configuration attributes of JavaExec and RunIde task can be used in RunIdePerformanceTest as well.

In addition to that, following attributes may be used to customize test execution:

Attributes Default Value
testDataDir Path to the directory with the test projects and '.ijperf' files. none
artifactsDir Path to IDE distribution that will be used to run the IDE with the plugin. none

profilerName Name of the profiler which will be used while execution(ProfilerName.YOURKIT or ProfilerName.ASYNC).

I'd like to understand:

- What performance metrics this provides for? Can we monitor things such as startup times, general plugin performance during test execution? This would be useful for testing the performance of our Enterprise plugins.

- Are there sample "test projects or '.ijperf" available that I could use to better understand how to use this capability? Could you help me understand better how to go about adding these.

- When exactly would you want to switch out the default profiler (profilerName)




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This feature is still adopting in the plugin – documentation is not yet ready. In time, we will update our resources to make this feature available and well explained to everyone.


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