External system for loading existing(already imported) project


I am making a new IntelliJ plugin for a new build system. I am using the external system framework and trying to follow the guidance in this post.

My plugin now can load a new project, that means, my plugin can load a project with the build script of the my build system but without .idea folder.

But I cannot figure out how to make my plugin can work with the existing(already imported) projects, which means that once I load a project from the build script and .idea folder is generated, the plugin does not work when opening the project.

I tried to read the codes of the gradle plugin in intellij-community repository, but it was huge and too complicated to understand. I tried to read some of the third-party codes(bazel and kobalt), but it was also not easy.

How does an external system plugin work with the already imported IntelliJ projects? It would be ideal if I can have some examples, but if it's not the case, can I have some pointers to the real codes?


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Ideally, once the project is imported from external system, there should be no need for plugin to do anything on project opening.

Could you please give some details about what would you like to do with the already imported project ?



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