Error in Flask profile.

I am working on a Flask app in PyCharm. The app was developed originally in VS Code and the developer has specific instructions for setting  up venv manually, but since I am using PyCharm I want to use the Flask configuration.

When I set up the configuration profile for Flask, It works, but I have a red "X" on the profile name and there is an error at the bottom of the configuration screen that says "Warning: Flask >= 1.0 is required"

I checked the installed Flask version and it is 2.0.3

Also, it seems to run the app fine...

So what's the "Warning" about??



Do you see the package among the installed ones in File | Settings | Project | Python Interpreter?

If so, try File | Invalidate Caches...



There was nothing there. I set the interpreter to Python 3.9 and it filled in with all of the dependencies, including Flask, and the red Xs and warning went away. :-)


In my case, the problem had arisen from two active interpreters simultaneously. I removed one of them from the list of interpreters, and the issue was resolved.


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