Python tests are not working from command-line but from IntelliJ IDEA run configuration

I have the python project like below:

    -- Folder1
       --Sub folder1
    -- Folder2
    -- resources

Have couple of tests in both test1 and files, and running fine when I run separately or run by setting the custom additional argument as discover (to achieve *python -m unittest discover*) which runs all tests as expected. No issues.

When I try to run from command line like below which I expect to run all tests, and it's running but fails in

    python -m unittest discover

    class Config:
        def get(self, which_section, which_prop) -> str:
            config = configparser.RawConfigParser()
            return config.get(which_section, which_prop)

Always getting NoSection error. I understand that the configparser lib error reporting is not exact, and learnt that if the file path is wrong I will get this error too. So not sure why the file path is not getting resolved when I run from command line.
So, not sure what I am missing which impacts this error here but running from run configuration. Something I am guessing related to the options to add content roots/source roots to PYTHON PATH but not sure. Appreciate any help.



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