"Create a test when navigating to it" for non-Rails projects

👋, I've recently found out one can create new tests for the currently open file with the command `Navigate | Test`: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/ruby/create-tests.html#navigate

It seems like this only works for Rails projects, as the documentation suggests it runs `rails generate` to create the test file.

The main projects I use RubyMine for are not Rails, but I would love to get this automatic test generation working.

I use RSpec for testing and RubyMine navigates without issue between existing tests and their respective production code with `Navigate | Test`. The `New | Ruby Test` generator is also correctly configured for my project, but using is not as convenient as `Navigate | Test`, given most of the friction comes from navigating to the correct `spec/` directory to create the matching test file.

Given my options, my current workflow is: find a neighbor production file to the file I want to test, execute `Navigate | Test` in that file, create a new test file for the file I wanted to test in the same test directory. This new test file doesn't come with matching information about the file I wanted to test, so I have to set that up myself (e.g. copying the class name and its module path).

Is there a contract my RubyMine Ruby project has to fulfill in order for `Navigate | Test` to suggest me the creation of a test file when one is not present?

I have the liberty to modify my project as I wish (adding arbitrary files, like `bin/rails`, or adding new Rake tasks) if needed.

Thank you!



Would it be possible to share the content of the Gemfile? 


Hi Olga Kuvardina,

My project is open source, so here's the full source code: https://github.com/DataDog/dd-trace-rb.

To remove all ambiguity, let's use this specific commit version https://github.com/DataDog/dd-trace-rb/tree/cd8dc6d2ee88e5c8c737f6d1d8310e2de5f61d47

Let's say you create a new file under `lib`, for example `lib/datadog/new_file.rb`, then use the `Navigate | Test` command in RubyMine, you'll see the "No test subject found" error, but not prompt to create a new test.

Manually creating the respective `spec/datadog/new_file_spec.rb` in the repo allows `Navigate | Test` to works correctly.

The Gemfile is available here: https://github.com/DataDog/dd-trace-rb/blob/cd8dc6d2ee88e5c8c737f6d1d8310e2de5f61d47/Gemfile

Which also loads a few dependencies from the gemspec file here: https://github.com/DataDog/dd-trace-rb/blob/cd8dc6d2ee88e5c8c737f6d1d8310e2de5f61d47/ddtrace.gemspec

Let me know if you need any more information, or can't reproduce the issue.


FWIW, I followed marcotc's instructions for https://github.com/DataDog/dd-trace-rb:

  • ran `bundle install`
  • created `lib/datadog/new_file.rb`
  • used `Navigate | Test`

It worked as expected.

RubyMine presented me with a dialog to `Create New Test...`. When I clicked on it, it let me choose which test framework template to create, then created the test file.


RubyMine 2022.1.2
Build #RM-221.5787.34, built on June 1, 2022
Runtime version: 11.0.15+10-b2043.56 aarch64
VM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM by JetBrains s.r.o.
macOS 12.4
GC: G1 Young Generation, G1 Old Generation


marcotc could you please check whether test folders (spec/test) in your project are marked as test sources?


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