How does one share general pycharm setting from previous pycharm set up?

I have the re-ocurring issue that whenever I have a new laptop at work I need to manually put all my old setting from pycharm manually. 

As a motivating example I have to put the custom split down and side panes (+ remote deployment configs). For the panes split it's mainly because I don't see pycharm having default setting. 

Is there a way to import all of this painlessly? e.g. importing a some pycharm special config file or something?

For the specific split pane I am sure one can do it by following these instructions but would like to make my process my robust (e.g. I might want to import other things besides split pane e.g. deployment configs, perhaps python envs, or 
as much as possible? Varying degrees of import is fine) and simpler (e.g. instead of manually going through the preferences and editing things every time just importing some file or something like that).

How do I do this more robustly/automatically? 





Unfortunately, it seems that PyCharm doesn't sync the window layout settings (verified this by testing just now).

I would suggest submitting a feature request about this to our tracker at 


About the settings, you can export and import them easily, and give you the option to choose which one you want.



As for the UI layout, you cannot export it as far as I know, but you can save it, although it will be remembered on a project basis. Window>Store current layout as default.


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