Does IDEA provide any way to reformat build errors?


When I attempt to start my java project from a build configuration in IDEA, in the console there appears a very very long build error message:

ERROR 75333 ---[main] - o.s.b.w.e.tomcat.TomcatStarter - Error starting Tomcat context. Exception: org.springframework.beans.factory.UnsatisfiedDependencyException. Message: Error creating bean with name ........


Is there a way to have this formatted and viewable in IDEA without having to copy and paste this into some online reformatter somewhere? (which I havent yet found a suitable online formatter for this anyway!)


You can try using Analyze external stack traces feature . The clipboard content is automatically pasted in the window.

You can also enable Soft-Wraps to make the output more readable:


Enabling soft wraps helps (I didn't know about that) but I can't get the stack trace analyzer to intelligently split the lines on the original breakpoints that were somehow filtered out in the display. I clicked normalize and checked "unscramble stack trace" to no avail.   Any tips?


Could you provide a complete stacktrace example? Thank you!


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