PyCharm freeze seconds after startup

PyCharm starts normally (past splash screen), then freeze permanently while "updating python interpreter" runs in the background (about 4-5 seconds after splash screen ends). I did find some cases that had similar freezes, but couldnt find solutions that seemed to relate to my problem, as I have not changed any default PyCharm behaviour.

My current setup was working fine a little over a week ago. Tried updating PyCharm to latest release (a few days ago) using the toolbox, but did not fix the issue. Started about the same time I was asked to install git by PyCharm, although I successfully used the plugin for git earlier. Installing git did not fix or change the the problem. Pycharm just stopped telling me it needed git installed, before freezing at the same part.

Current setup makes use of wsl, with a conda environment.

Linux (ubuntu) was installed through the Microsoft store.

Linux version (oe-user@oe-host) (x86_64-msft-linux-gcc (GCC) 9.3.0, GNU ld (GNU Binutils) #1 SMP Wed Mar 2 00:30:59 UTC 2022








zip of logs:

Upload id: 2022_06_08_36hNUCCjrx7HDyat9etqRr (file: log.7z)

Im fairly new to PyCharm in general, a beginner in using wsl/linux and have no clue about doing manual config changes (outside copy-paste and simple true/false changes). So keep this in mind for responses :)

It is related to the progress of my masters project so help to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi, I looked at the logs and the issue could be related to the package manager. Could you please submit a bug report to and attach the following data:

- Logs that you have already uploaded (the is a temporary file storage, so it's preferable to attach the file directly to the issue)

- Several thread dumps collected according to using the jstack utility while IDE is being unresponsive. 


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