Disappointing experience with Jupyter in Pycharm

I am writing this post to express my frustration with the way Jetbrains has managed Jupyter development tools inside Pycharm, for a long period.

After several years dealing with an odd way to present results in Jupyter, quite contrary to the spirit of a Notebook, they corrected the interface. Unfortunately, the number of bugs and faulty behavior with Jupyter makes working with it dangerous: one easily loses work because of a failed cache model. Moreover, many of its functionalities, like variable inspections or code completion, stop working randomly. The notebooks diff as in nbdime, which appeared in some EAP, is completely missing and they have suppressed any comment about its future implementation.

I am not seeing any progress with respect to these issues. It looks like Jetbrains don't care about Jupyter users, at least those of us which use Pycharm Pro. In the case of Jupyter, the suffix Pro seems like a joke.

In spite of the several advantages of Pycharm w.r.t. VSCode, the importance of Jupyter support is a must for our company, so that we will transition to VSCode quite soon.

A pity, because we really value the quality of Pycharm in most other aspects.


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