My plugin for XSD files isn't recommended because the file type is already registered

I created a visual editor for XSD files as a plugin for the IntelliJ platform. Lately I registered a file type so my plugin would be recommended. I did it by adding this to my plugin.xml:


And this is the file type implementation:

public class XsdFileType extends LanguageFileType {

public static final XsdFileType INSTANCE = new XsdFileType();

private XsdFileType() {
super(XMLLanguage.INSTANCE, true);

public @NonNls @NotNull String getName() {
return "XSD";

public @Label @NotNull String getDescription() {
return "XML Schema Design";

public @NlsSafe @NotNull String getDefaultExtension() {
return "xsd";

public @Nullable Icon getIcon() {
return AllIcons.FileTypes.Xml;


As you can see I registered my file type as a secondary implementation for XML files.

Sadly my plugin doesn't get recommended by the platform. After a chat with the helpful marketing support and looking at the community edition source code, it seems the reason is that this file type is already registered by the build-in core plugin.

Is there something I can do to activate the recommendation? Or is it possible to change the behavior of IntelliJ so a third-party plugin for a build-in file type would still be recommended?

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