Access Denied

When attempting to install the EnvFile plugin I get a loading spinner in the IDE. When logged in to the plugin site on Chrome, the browser returns:

<Message>Access Denied</Message>

The response headers indicate a cloud front error in AWS:

The file is downloadable using aria2c on the command line. 

Attempting to install from disk shows a 403 error in IntelliJ. Presumably while trying to download dependencies:



I've got the same issue with infinite loading spinner on the right side, it seems like all the plugins get listed but none of them are installable.

Looks like they have a problem on their end, however I couldn't find any details about it.


Really frustrating when you pay their yearly license! Please fix the problem!!!


No plugins can be installed. I hope someone's up to look into this.


Same issue here. The plugin download api seems to be broken. Please take a look in to this. Thanks!


This appears to be resolved now.


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