IDEA 2022 does not offer "create maven project"


I just upgraded from 2021 to 2022 community, and I've lost the ability to create maven projects. The new project creation window layout offers me IntelliJ and Gradle as possible build systems, but not maven. The upgrade was a simple install from the tar.gz, and worked in that it finds my existing projects, and automatically installed the Scala plugin. But maven is nowhere to be seen. The plugins page offers many third party maven plugins, but none appear to be core, and none appear to be the basic "be able to make a maven project" thing. If one of these is needed, it's very unclear which.

Can anyone help?



Does it help if you delete disabled_plugins.txt file from the Configuration directory:

If the issue persists, please share the logs via Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data and the screenshot of the new project wizard missing Maven. You can upload the files at and provide the ID here.


Brilliant! I can't begin to imagine why, but there was indeed a file disabled_plugins.txt which listed maven (and nothing else). Deleting it has things working just fine now.

Thank you!


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