Plugin 101 - How to show definition (on hover) for custom assets such as a definition to specific string value?



My team manages metadata / lineage capability for data assets. Let's say we have a variable called "SpendByCustomerIDForTimeRangePast60M". This is a column in certain RDMB or NoSQL table, or it could be a derived variable based on one or more other variables. I have a JSON definition of each such variable. The definition has metadata insight into description of this variable, the source table / column for this variable, possibly who is data steward for this variable, and complex illustration of a data lineage. 

I would like to have a capability similar to declaration and references capability available on mouse hover on this string value to display some metadata on the editor. 

What are the plugin capabilities I need to read on to get this capability? Also please let me know if there are professional services that can help expedite this for us. 

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Hi Manish,

If you want to resolve a specific PSI element, take a look at:

If it's not possible, take a look at the Symbol API which can resolve to something more abstract, not necessarily a PSI element:

Please keep in mind that Symbol API is currently considered experimental and can be changed. It is also only briefly documented and using it will require digging into the platform code and looking at the example implementations.

Regarding the professional services, I suggest checking the consulting section in the docs:


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