Is there a reason that CLion expands/replaces links in project paths?


I am using CLion 2022.1.1 on Slackware 15.0.  My makefile project lives in /linux/maint/src.  This is the path that shows at the top of the tree when I select 'Project', 'Project Files', or 'Project Source Files'.  The problem arises because /linux is a link to /autofs/vorlich/linux.  The directory is automounted from vorlich (a server), not hard mounted.

All of the individual project source files (package.c or list.c for eg) show as being in /linux/maint/src.

But CLion also shows several other source files as being in the project.  These other files are located in /autofs/vorlich/linux/maint/src. Not all of the source files, but several (package.c is not there, but list.c is).  Both list.c files are actually the same file.

I have never used any of the /autofs paths to reference any of the files in the project.  As far as I am concerned, all files live in /linux/maint/src.

So, first question:  Why does CLion replace links in the file paths?  I really do not believe that the solution here is for me to define the project as living in /autofs/vorlich/linux.  I (as a user) should never have to be aware of where the admins place the software for the project.  I should not have to perform strange magic should they ever move it from vorlich to some other server.

Second question: Why only some of the files?  If package.c is in the project, why does it only show in /linux/... and not in /autofs/...?


Weird behavior that this causes:

1.  I am in the editor looking at the file /linux/maint/src/package.c.  I select a method reference for a method defined in package.c, and do a right-click->Go To->Definition.  CLion will actually open the /autofs/vorlich/linux/maint/src/package.c.  Why?  I now have the file open twice...

2.  I am in the editor, looking at /linux/maint/src/package.c, and I refactor/rename the method from above.  I will soon get a warning that someone else made a change to /autofs/vorlich/linux/maint/src/package.c and it wants to know if I want to reload from disk, memory, or whatnot.  The only thing making changes to the files is CLion, but it is not recognizing that it is doing it.


Third question:  Is there some way of removing the /autofs/... versions of the file?  Would this help?  I tried File->Delete, but that didn't work.  CLion deleted both files.  When I reloaded the /linux/... version, both came back.


Any ideas appreciated.

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CLion has several issues with symlinks, unfortunately: and the related issues. Feel free to comment or upvote the issues. See if you are not familiar with YouTrack.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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