WebStorm keyboard shortcut to open "Go to" popup?

In Rider, I can press `Alt-backtick` and the "Navigate to..." popup appears so I can select the specific thing I want (base/derived symbol) without needing to remember a different shortcut for every one.  In "Settings | Keymap", it's called "Navigate To..." so it's simple to find and change the keyboard shortcut.

In WebStorm, I have to press the key with the little menu (next to right shift on my keyboard) and it brings up the general popup menu.  I want "Go To" which is located in the middle of the list so I hold down key until I get there and then I can finally choose the action I want.  In "Settings | Keymap", I can't find this sub-popup menu to assign a keyboard shortcut.

So, my question / request: what is the shortcut to open that sub-popup menu (and/or what's its name so I can assign a shortcut key to it) please?



You can create a new quick list, add the desired actions to it and then assign a shortcut 


Thanks!  That works :)


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