Change plugin id


Is it possible to change the plugin ID without deleting the plugin?

Yes, I understand that users who have installed the plugin will not be able to receive updates. But if you skip this point, then you can change the plugin id?

Let's say you say that there is no way to change the plugin id... Is it possible in this scenario to save the link in JetBrains Marketplace (/plugin/xxxxx-name/), but at the same time change the plugin id?


Danil, plugin ID is in fact the only property defining your plugin that is persistent and cannot be altered after adding your plugin to JetBrains Marketplace.

In terms of the plugin URL – a part that comes after the ID is generated using the plugin name, so that can be actually anything. You can still remove your existing plugin and create a new one with a new ID, but keep an old name.


Jakub Chrzanowski,

Not sure if I should create a separate discussion for this, but my question is related to your answer here.

With IntelliJ IDEA 2023.2.1, I got the following warning:

Plugin ID specified in plugin.xml should not contain 'intellij'

My plugin ID is 'it.czerwinski.intellij.wavefront', and it has been so since 2020 without any issues. It does not start with 'com.intellij', it does not imply that the plugin was developed by JetBrains. It simply groups my plugins for IntelliJ IDE together (currently only this one, but it's just a matter of packages structure organisation).

Is there a risk that further updates to my plugin will be rejected? Will I need to delete the plugin and upload another one with different ID?



Same story for me. Since today's update I started getting the warning


>Plugin ID specified in plugin.xml should not contain 'intellij'


My plugin ID is `org.mapstruct.intellij`, and has been like that since 2017. Is there some issue that we can follow for this? Has this decision been communicated somewhere?



I had an experience with the same issue.

What kind of issue happens if I do not change the plugin ID?


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