'Next build error' short cut key?



What's the shortcut key for 'next build error'?

If I look up 'next error' in the 'find action..' dialog it says 'next highlighted error' is F2.

But F2 only seems to cycle through issues/warnings in the currently open document, it never switches to a different document.

Currenty I'm clicking on links in the 'messages' window but that's pretty clumsy.



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It's Navigate | Next Error and Navigate | Previous Error in the menu, the shortcuts should be shown next to the actions in the menu.

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Ok, found them thanks, but their shortcut keys don't work and I am having problems reassigning them.

They are currently bound to ctrl-alt up and down, but pressing these keys has no effect. I suspect 'ctrl-alt' combos in general have issues on Manjaro Linux, ctrl-alt left/right certainly don't work as they switch bewteen virtual desktops and I'm pretty sure I've encountered other ctrl-alt combos that don't work.

'Find Actions...next error' (or even just 'next' or 'error') still only finds the 'next highlighted error' action (ie: the one that wont change files), is there something else I can search for here, or some other way of assigning shortcuts?



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File | Settings | Keymap > Main Menu | Navigate > Previous Occurrence and Next Occurrence - those shortcuts are responsible for Navigate | Previous Error and Navigate | Next Error in the menu.

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Working thanks!


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