Why does find all in files not show me all occurrences in yellow?


When using find/replace all in Files I'm not seeing all matches in yellow as I would expect. When I click on a match it also doesn't show me all occurrences highlighted either so I have no confidence it's actually doing to replace all when I click "Replace All"

I'm using 2022.1.1


Wierd I just did exactly the same search in find all in files and replace all in files.

In find all files it does show me all occurrences per line but for replace all in files it does not.


Still after invalidating caches etc it still has different behavior between find in files vs replace in files


find in files correctly highlights all occurrences in yellow

replace in files doesn't and it's not clear why it shows the only one occurrence per line it finds even when there's more. It's not consistently even the first occurrence on the line either.

It correctly replaces all occurrences even though it doesn't identifying each by highlighting each in yellow.


This is even scarier perhaps. I'll do a replace in files and selectively go thru and click "Replace" on the occurrences where I want it to take place. then eventually I'll hit ESC

If I then do a replace in Files again it will show me all the previous entries and their previous values instead of reflecting the replacements I previously made.


Can you please record a short screencast showing the issue and gather the IDE logs? (Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data)

The files can be uploaded at https://uploads.jetbrains.com (do not forget to specify the UploadID)


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