ReferenceProvider on XmlTokenType.XML_NAME


I'm registering a ReferenceProvider for a XmlTag which refers to a file (like the Vuejs/Blade components)

Everything works but only for the XmlTokenType.XML_DATA_CHARACTERS tag, even if I use the xmlTag() pattern:

Is there a way to add Go to Declaration option but just for the XmlTokenType.XML_NAME ? (like the highlight word bar in the image)

My PsiReferenceContributor:

class BladeReferenceContributor : PsiReferenceContributor() {
override fun registerReferenceProviders(registrar: PsiReferenceRegistrar) =
registrar.registerReferenceProvider(XmlPatterns.xmlTag(), BladeTagReferenceProvider)

object BladeTagReferenceProvider : PsiReferenceProvider() {
override fun getReferencesByElement(element: PsiElement, context: ProcessingContext): Array<PsiReference> =
arrayOf(PsiReferenceBase.createSelfReference(element, element.project.getFile()))

fun Project.getFile(): PsiFile =
FilenameIndex.getFilesByName(this, "nav-link.blade.php", GlobalSearchScope.projectScope(this)).first()

I noticed that the following patterns give me the same result:


And I've tried XmlPatterns.psiElement(XmlTokenType.XML_NAME) without success

Note: I know that the function getFile returns the same file (it's just for simplicity) and XmlPatterns.xmlTag() will match every tag, again, it's just a minimal reproducible example


There is already a Blade plugin by JB, what are you trying to achieve?


Please see also related tutorial


The plugin doesn't support components using tag alias (and also showing HtmlUnknownTagInspection), only directives.

And the tutorial works fine with the xml attributes but I was trying to replicate this behavior with the xml tag name:


Go to Declaration doesn't work in your case because XML_TAG already has a reference to itself. You can change this behavior by creating your own XmlExtension(com.intellij.xml.XmlExtension) and overriding method XmlExtension.createTagNameReference().

If you use Laravel, take a look at Laravel Idea plugin which is able to resolve laravel components.

Also, you can vote for this ticket WI-41052 Blade: support aliased components 


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