Unable to run Jupyter Notebook on PyCharm


I am new to PyCharm. I just installed it today to replace Jupyter lab as my main IDE.

However, I cannot run any cells of ipynb file on my PyCharm. This popup keep appearing:

Can anyone help me solve this issue?


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Hi Pirapat have you ever run an .ipynb file in this project or is it brand new?

When you post issues please post context of what you were doing, what you have tried to fix and your situation.

I see you are on windows, which hinders writing code vs a unix environment but it can be done. Are you behind a firewall or do you have network access so it can run the web server for jupyternotebook?

This might be a similar issue as https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/DS-3489/Cant-connect-to-JupyterHub-server


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