Can you get Code Coverage of only the changes in your Pull Request?


So you can run a test with coverage:

You can set a filter to highlight specific classes.

SonarQube has the Pull Request analysis:

The coverage is part of this report.

This automatically selects only changes affected by my PR.

I would like to do this same thing in Intellij.

To do this same thing in Intellij, you can select the classes you have changed in your PR. But I have too many changes sometimes to make that viable.

So what do I end up doing? Using sonarqube web app, and ping pong back and forth with that and Intellij. Not ideal.

Can you somehow obtain the PR analysis results inside the IntelliJ coverage utility as if you went and manually set up the filter, etc?

I want something like this that would read PR and only include classes touched in that PR.


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There's no such feature at the moment, but there are two related feature requests for it, see and
You can file a new feature request for PR analysis and vote for these requests as well, thanks.


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