implement all members code generation

When using typescript and having an interface to a class it is possible to automatically let webstorm generate all members required.


However I wonder if it is possible to modify how certain members are implemented? IE instead of for simple members just being


   [variablename]: [type];

We always (for a set of objects) have this getter/setter structure:

    get [variablename](): [type] {
        return this.getData('[variablename]');
    set [variablename](value: [type]) {
        this.setData('[variablename]', value);

I wonder if I can modify how webstorm implements the interfaces? In the settings -> file and code templates -> code, I cannot see anything regarding "members".


Even if full control is not possible, it would be really nice to implement "as getters-setters"...

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This can't be currently done; if you miss this feature, please file a feature request to youtrack,


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