Not seeing how to easily click through git diffs of blame line in revision history commits

I think in SourceTree when I was using it years ago I use to be able to filter commits by changes to a certain blame (annotation) line, where I could click the commit and see the file/line diffs in a nearby window... but I'm not seeing how to do that in PHPStorm. It's incredibly cumbersome trying to just see what changed about a line/block and why (commit message).

Is there some way to have the filtered list of commits in one box, based on just changes to that line/block, then be able to click or arrowkey through each commit line and view the file/line diffs in an adjacent window? I thought this was possible in PHPStorm, and I may have forgotten.

If it's not there, please let me know any ticket request for it (I'm kind of bad at a ticket word search there because I don't necessarily know the proper terminology), and/or what the best alternative is. I tried SourceTree again but I'd rather not to have flip to yet another app while working.


Have you tried Git > Current file > Show history or Git > Current file > Show history for selection?


That does it for one file... I don't see how to see the clickable commit history list in one panel, the list of changed files in an adjacent panel, then a git diff of a selected file's changes in another adjacent panel. SourceTree does this.

I thought I saw this in PHPStorm, but I'm not finding it again. It's a real pain trying to click through each commit and file to see diffs. It's like I can get 2/3rds of what I'm looking for, but only like parts 1 & 2, or 1 & 3, or 2 & 3, not 1 & 2 & 3 easily without a lot of clicks and context switching, which is cumbersome and disorienting.

I can get something similar at least in GitHub if I click to view the commit there, but that's still way more steps than SourceTree ever was. Yes I know I can try SourceTree again. I'd just rather see how to do it in PHPStorm if I can.


Hm, the way you describe it, it seems indeed useful! The closest thing that I could find though is "Show all affected files" in the above mentioned window, but it will open in another window:


Just curious if you've used SourceTree and have seen the multi-panel view I'm talking about that shows commit history, files changed, and file changes in one view simultaneously.


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