While using Remote development, JavaScript Debug tries to open browser on remote machine.

I'm using remote development over ssh and most things work how I expect them to.

I am developing an angular project but I am having trouble trying to debug using the Javascript Debug.

Whenever I try the debug option it tries to start a chrome instance on the remote machine. This isn't what I want, ideally I want to connect to an existing chrome instance on my local machine. this instance was started with the --remote-debugging-port and --user-data-dir=c:\temp options.

I can't find an option to not open chrome or provide a port to connect to an existing chrome instance. Am I looking at the wrong option here or did I miss something in the configuration.

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You can use the Attach to Node.js/Chrome run configuration to attach the debugger to a Chrome browser started with --remote-debugging-port option. But you need to make sure that all ports are properly exposed through ssh to be able to connect to the remote instance


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