Drop a SQL Server Database


I'm developing with a local SQL Server database.  I'm working on data migrations, so I'm frequently running a migration, then dropping the db, and repeating

Question:  When I try to use datagrip to drop the db, it always fails, indicating that there are connections to the db.  However, the connection is Datagrip itself.  So right now, I have to close datagrip, and use another tool like sqlcmd or ssms to do it.  How do I drop db using Datagrip?


Jeremy Marsch,

It could be a bit tricky.

You no need to close DataGrip. You just need to Close All Sessions for the database (see Services) and after that you can easily drop database.



It would be nice if DataGrip could close the database connection by itself before dropping. SSMS has the corresponding check box:


Hi Urs Meili,

We have created a feature request to implement this functionality:


Please feel free to upvote so it can get more attention.


I'm using LocalDB at the moment. 

It doesn't work, unfortunately. 

The moment I drop, it opens a new session.

It is one of the few things I need to fire SSMS up for. It is annoying from a UX perspective. :/

Hi Melle,

Do you mean that a new session is initiated when you drop an object in your IDE? Have you tried sticking to Single User Session option in the data source properties?


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