CLion C++ templated code navigation

Hi everyone :)

I am a new user of CLion and also not an expert in C++, just to mention it beforehand. My setup is Linux and gcc toolchain.

I am wondering how CLion takes on code navigation throught a heavily templated C++ code? In many cases, finding a declaration CTRL + pointing to the method name wont work. I mean, it's expacted, the related object type and methods will be resolved in compiling process. It's a known fact that templated code will lead to such limitations.

Is there any known technique or CLion related option, which can help templated code navigation, after the code was sucessfully compiled (with debug symbols)?

My presumption is that once the code is compiled, templated object type and method which can't be resolved before compilation, now are something which is known, just the IDE can't leverage such information. I am asking this because, for example, with the integrated debugger, with proper breakpoint in step by step mode, one can easily enter the method of interest.

What I was actually thinking is an IDE option, where you can select already built executable (form the sources) and use it to provide additional information to the code editor navigation mechanism.

Does such questions and thoughts makes sense at all?

Thanks in advance!

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