New Files Automatically Open When Created

If I am in a a file such as a Laravel Web Route and create a new route to a page that doesn’t exist yet. I will use the context actions menu to "create file", Storm will create the file for me. That's fantastic, but Storm opens the new file immediately. In most cases I'm still working in the other file and not quite ready to start in the new file.

I'm certain I had this turned off at some point in the past but can't remember where the setting is. If someone happens to know I'd appreciate the assistance.

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I don't really think such a feature exists. We have a way to disable the automatic opening of files created by copying/pasting a file, but not for quick-fixes. I've made a pass through our tracker - no similar requests.

I am not sure I fully understand the use case though. Why do you trigger the quick-fix before you actually need the file?


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