The IDE is really taking up too much memory


Can you optimize it as much as possible?

Just starting the editor takes up more than 3G of memory (IntelliJ IDEA 2021.1.1)


Original description:


仅仅启动编辑器就占超过3G内存(IntelliJ IDEA 2021.1.1)



I have experienced this issue on Webstorm with M1 MBP for some time. I have my memory set to 4GB, but the IDE is consistently using more than that (sometimes up to 10GB). I have included a memory snapshot after disabling all downloaded plugins. You can see the snapshot here:


Hi Dan - do you have this problem in all projects or just one? Is the behavior the same in a simple Java project without JS?

Arina Efremova This is in Webstorm, so can't really test Java, but before opening any project, I'm still seeing 3GB of memory use 


Dan Cherouny Thanks. 

According to the memory snapshot you provided, the JVM heap is just 786MB - far from 10GB. 
I haven't noticed anything strange in memory allocation in the snapshot either.

You could be experiencing this issue:

Please post a comment there after providing additional diagnostics data (instructions are in the issue description at the very top).


Just reporting in here. Same issue across all users at my company. We are all on M1 macs running Pycharm 2022.1.3. We are using minimal plugins, they are small projects, using >3GB of ram across any of our projects. IDE is unusable. 

Responses here from support are typical. Look, there is a problem with your software. Fix it, or we will go use some other IDE. 


Good stuff…
Time to switch back to VS Code, this is madness.


Every day I suffer the same problem that is mentioned in the thread. It makes it impossible to use, Intellij Idea/Webstorm has become more of a monster that all it does is burn machines. It must be the main reason why many users end up using other IDEs that still do not use as many resources. If they were interested in improving this problem they would do so, apparently it is a product that is coming to an end like others did.


Hi, I have an issue with memory consumption. Even 16Gb is not enough
I've uploaded Upload id: 2023_11_02_bfMm4r4c5jNC9F3dfqEMfK
After disabling all plugins all good. But the problem in my case that I sync settings to two MAC laptops and second laptop works just fine


Serge Baranov
Sorry, but I did not get what should I do? Do you want to me read all that thread and look for the solution?
I have Ultimate version and wonder if it makes any difference?


Hi Arina Efremova, 

There are around 160K files in my project totally, and I have many of the directories excluded. 

I have decreased `-Xmx` , will comment if that works. 


@Tom Zhu, don't hold your breath. Jetbrains has no interest in addressing this issue. 


I have the same problem, maximum heap site is set to 2048, but PhpStorm takes 4.06G of memory, which slows down whole system on my Mac. Any way to reduce memory usage?


@Anatolly Vedmid, I'll save you some time and answer on their behalf. There are no ways to reduce memory usage (this specific issue, on a Mac device), this is how it is, this is how it will be, and they won't bother with it (you can see from this thread itself). This is the service given, sadly all I can say so far is either suck it up or migrate to VSCode.


In two minutes times, it just eats 50mb of RAM, while it's doing NOTHING.


Anatoliy Vedmid, please note that the memory heap size limit is not the same as the whole memory consumed by the IDE process.
 If you suspect that the memory consumption is too high in your case, please capture the memory snapshot using jmap at the moment when the problem is reproducible (see the Memory Leak or High Memory Consumption paragraph in this article) and collect the IDE logs (Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data). After that, share them all using the JetBrains Uploads service and write the ID you receive here. Me or my colleagues will take a look if there is any suspicious. 


On a big project webstorm is using 5GB of ram,

After closing the project and reopening it, it drops to 3.7GB

I noticed also it does not drop the memory usage after closing the project but after closing the project and closing the app


I really do hope JetBrains rearchitects all of their software so that it's not unnecessarily resource intensive, because I expect a lot of people are going to continue to be detracted from these otherwise pretty decent IDEs because of its terrible memory usage problems. IntelliJ used a lot of memory when I last used it like 5 years ago too. It should have been fixed by now, but it wasn't.

Maybe it's time y'all either reassess your use of Java, or fix your crap. It's getting ridiculous at this point that VSCode with language servers use 3 times less memory than all of your IDEs, and VSCode is not exactly memory efficient itself.

People shouldn't have to test your software and give you memory snapshots for y'all to open up your own software and see how terrible it is yourselves. Do y'all even use your own products to develop them? Hopefully you do, and if you do, then you should already know that it uses excessive amounts of memory and CPU (and disk space).

When I see someone mention a bug in my software, even if I would prefer they give me debug details, I still at least try to find the bug myself and fix it even if they don't give me those details, because I actually care about my own software. Just saying…

Charging money for these IDEs at this point is basically a scam.


@AlejandroL Every single one of their products is like this, not just IntelliJ or Webstorm. They all are the exact same IDE just with different plugins attached to each. They basically charge the full price of a whole new IDE just for a change in what plugins come integrated with it. RustRover, IntelliJ, Goland, Webstorm, PHPStorm, and all the others are the exact same software. That's why JetBrains is kinda scammy.

Even their Toolbox launcher application uses a bunch of memory.

What's worse is this problem has been like this every since I was first introduced to IntelliJ like 10 years ago. They don't fix it, they won't fix it. Maybe it's their use of Java (which was a poor choice to begin with, but they started with Java, so it's kinda just a historical thing).

Fleet is on par with VSCode is terms of memory usage, and yet downloads a 3GB IntelliJ code analysis thing. Talk about excessive disk space!

Seriously, every software they release uses excessive resources. I'm starting to think it's just bad programming from bad programmers, which wouldn't be surprising coming from a company that started with Java.

Switch to something better, because JetBrains is not worth your time until they push Fleet as a replacement for all of their other IDEs, and until they fix the disk space usage in Fleet.


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