Argument clearCache in jest not work with other commands

Currently I have the following command which clears the cache and starts testing the application:

however when I apply the same arguments in webstorm it ends up crashing in the part of clearing the cache... Does anyone know what it could be? The arguments I apply in webstorm are just below


The command output when I use npm run test is

however when I use the webstorm script, the script is finished along with the clear cache


How would I run the clear cache command and then run the tests?


With your script, you run 2 jest processes sequentially with && : the second process (jest --passWithNoTests --silent --noStackTrace --runInBand) waits for the first one (jest --clearCahce) to finish, so your tests are run after clearing the caches. In your run configuration, you pass all these options to a single jest process, and it deletes the Jest cache directory and then exits without running tests as it normally does when the --clearCache option is passed (


Elena Pogorelova, how to execute && commands with webstorm?


you can create a run configuration (npm script, or Jest run configuration) that runs jest --clearCahce and add this configuration to the Before launch section of your main configuration (the one that runs jest with --passWithNoTests --silent --noStackTrace --runInBand options)


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